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Who we are

We are the people of the world ready to unite and regain control over our digital lives. We are Facebook’s one billion users tired of hearing: “we are sorry”. We are the social media users who want our privacy and online safety to be preserved. We are millions of parents with children we would like to protect from being abused and/or mislead by irresponsible entrepreneurs and startups such as Snapchat. We are socially responsible adults who refuse to let hardcore pornography become de facto, or primary method of, sexual education for the new generations of kids and teens. We are the victims of online defamation, cyber-bullying, “revenge porn” or “involuntary porn”, and other emerging cyber-crime for which the law enforcement is left helpless by a legislature decades behind. We are the real driving force behind social media. We are the new #PEERPOWER.

iSocialWatch started as the initiative of a French software engineer from Silicon Valley. It was motivated by personal experiences and the discovery of Facebook’s platform safety and users operation failures, along with the concerning behaviors of its executive branch. Over a year of research and investigation lead to the realization that the problem is more widespread, going beyond one social network, deep into the core of Silicon Valley’s corporate world and US laws. It is all about us, the people, and we invite you to join the movement by clicking the “Get Notified” button below. You will receive a friendly one time email when the site is ready for you to explore.


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